Caroline Falkus


‘Caroline Falkus was an outstanding lawyer representing me for two years in a complex family case. Her great strengths are her astute judgement concerning her adversary, a highly strategic approach, a meticulous attention to detail, and a ruthlessness when necessary. She has great integrity, is fair and supportive. She is highly attuned to the person she represents. She calms interpersonal relations in order to facilitate productive outcomes.’

‘Caroline Falkus brings tenacity and a clear vision to her case load. She has a particular interest in matrimonial finance, but can turn her hand to children work with ease.’

'She took the pain out of the paperwork, presenting my options and all the considerations that came with those'

'Thanks to her, I always felt full informed and supported. I wholeheartedly recommend her'


Caroline has been a partner at Bross Bennett since 2001.

Within family law her specialist areas include cohabitation, same-sex partnerships and complex issues relating to children. Not only is Caroline a collaborative law practitioner, she is also a highly qualified, experienced and accredited mediator.

Caroline provides mediation services at Bross Bennett. She has previously worked as a mediator at the Institute of Family Therapy. As a mediator her role is to help individuals clearly define issues and keep lines of communication open, to promote discussion and resolution. She is particularly valued for the clarity of her views and her ability to help clients look beyond the immediate causes of their dispute.

Caroline’s family pet dog Beanie is a familiar face in the office, welcoming staff and clients.