Special Guardianship

Circumstances may arise where you may have to look after a child that is not your own.  Such a situation could for example arise in the event that a relative or a close friend is not properly able to care for their child. We have experience acting for grandparents, aunts/uncles and older siblings looking after minor children. 

A Special Guardianship Order, also known as an SGO, is a formal court order which places a child or young person to live with someone other than their parents on a long-term basis. It is an alternative to fostering or adoption, which in some circumstances could permanently sever the child’s link to their birth family.  

A Special Guardianship Order provides greater security for the child and gives the person named in the order the responsibility for looking after the child and making the important day-to-day decisions in respect of the child’s life such as matters relating to their education, medical care and religion.

Prospective Special Guardians will need notify the local authority of their application who will then prepare a report for the court.   

If you are considering on caring for a child who is not your own, we can advise on the options and guide you through the process, including the assessment process and support plans.