Divorce & Separation

The breakdown of a relationship is an upsetting and emotional time and can be overwhelming. Our exceptional team of experienced family law solicitors offer extensive and expert advice that is wholly focussed on helping you navigate through the difficulties you face.  

We are sympathetic and sensitive to the issues that arise at the end of a relationship and most importantly, we carefully guide and support you with practical and clear advice to deal with these issues and the decisions you have to make throughout. You will find us robust in our dealings with other professionals on your behalf. Our absolute commitment is to keep in mind the best outcome for you, and your children.

Relationship Breakdown

The decision to separate or divorce can be difficult and stressful. If you believe your relationship has broken down, you may want to consider whether or not to start divorce proceedings, or dissolve your civil partnership. 

As from 6th April 2022  a ‘No fault Divorce’ procedure was introduced, enabling couples to divorce or dissolve their civil partnership without apportioning blame. Either party may apply for a divorce/dissolution or, if they wish, they can make a joint application together.

Come and talk to us. We will listen to your concerns and priorities and will work with you to identify the best way forwards. We have an in-house psychotherapist and counselling team to provide you with additional support where needed.

We are experienced in dealing with many situations which are financially complex, whether the sums involved are substantial or not. One of our strengths is in dealing with difficult decisions concerning children, including cases with an international context. We can also help if you need protection from violence or harassment. 

In our experience, the majority of couples wish to avoid court proceedings if at all possible. We have a strong reputation for resolving matters outside of the court arena including through mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. We will work with you to carefully consider the best option for you.