Civil Partnerships

Civil partnership is an alternative to marriage for both opposite and same sex couples. Entering into a civil partnership will give you and your partner fundamentally the same legal rights, benefits and obligations as a married couple. This includes your potential entitlement to financial provision in the event of separation and in relation to possible inheritance and tax benefits. Children born of either partner are treated as children of the family and a non-biological parent’s relationship to the children is recognised in rights and responsibilities.  

If you are thinking of entering into a civil partnership, we can advise you about all the implications.  So, for example, some couples want to clarify what should happen regarding their finances in the event of separation.  In this instance, you may want to draw up a pre-civil partnership agreement, akin to a pre-nuptial agreement.  We recommend that you do this in good time before your civil partnership ceremony takes place, and in any event no later than 28 days in advance.  

We can also advise you in the event your civil partnership breaks down. In these circumstances, you will need to apply for a dissolution, the equivalent of divorce. We can assist you through the legal process of the dissolution, and in reaching a financial settlement.  We can advise you regarding the arrangements for any children.