Highgate Fair in the Square logo

We are proud to sponsor the Highgate Fair in the Square for the second year, supporting Paths Through Change.

At Bross Bennett, we believe in giving back to the community and supporting causes that make a difference in children’s lives. We are delighted to announce that we will not only be sponsoring Highgate’s annual Fair in the Square for the second year in a row but also the highly anticipated dog show! This event brings together the local community for a day of fun, entertainment, and fundraising. As part of our participation, we are hosting a stall with a balloon artist and lucky dip for children, with all proceeds going to Paths Through Change —a remarkable specialist support service for children experiencing divorce or relationship breakdown in their families.

Bringing Joy to the Community

The Fair in the Square is a beloved event that has been a highlight of the Highgate community for many years. It provides a platform for local businesses, organisations, and residents to come together, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness. We are proud to contribute to this vibrant occasion by sponsoring the event and supporting its success.

Supporting Paths Through Change

Divorce or relationship breakdown can be a challenging time for any family, especially for children who may feel confused, anxious, or caught in the middle. Paths Through Change is a specialist service that provides one to one support to children of all ages during these difficult transitions. All proceeds raised through our balloon artist and lucky dip draw will directly contribute to their crucial work.

The Legendary Dog Show

The dog show promises to be a highlight of the event, filled with wagging tails, adorable faces, and impressive tricks. We are proud to support this exciting competition and our very own Caroline Falkus, proud parent of her poodle Beanie, will be judging the show. Bring along your precocious pups, resilient rescues, talented terriers, or simply your beloved family pets. Registration starts at 12:30pm – be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment. Entry is a £5 donation to All Dogs Matter, and each entrant will receive a small gift from All Dogs Matter and Bross Bennett.

Balloon Art and the Excitement of the Lucky Dip

Children attending our stall at the Fair in the Square will have the opportunity to ask our balloon artist to create an animal or object and participate in our thrilling lucky dip. There will be a number of different balloon art options to choose from and in the lucky dip there will be an assortment of delightful treats. Moreover, every contribution made will directly support the programs and services provided by Paths Through Change.

Making a Difference in Children’s Lives

Paths Through Change is an essential resource for children and families navigating the challenges of divorce or relationship breakdown. The organisation offers one to one sessions, workshops, and ongoing support to help children cope with their emotions, build resilience, and adapt to the changes in their lives. By raising funds for Paths Through Change, we aim to promote awareness about their vital role in supporting children during these challenging times.

Join Us at the Fair in the Square

We invite the Highgate community and beyond to join us at the Fair in the Square on Saturday 10 June. By attending this wonderful event, you not only support local businesses and community organisations but also have the opportunity of contributing to the important work of Paths Through Change. Make sure to visit our stall, where you can take part in the lucky dip and help make a difference in the lives of children experiencing divorce or relationship breakdown.