At Bross Bennett, our conference room is adorned with a piece of art that is much more than mere decoration. “Liminal Spaces 13” is a profound expression of the journey our clients undergo during family disputes and the pivotal role we play in guiding them through these transformative times.

The concept of a liminal space is deeply interwoven within the nature of family law. It represents the threshold between the past and the future, a space filled with both uncertainty and possibility. Just as “Liminal Spaces 13” encapsulates the essence of being on the brink of change, we stand beside our clients at this very juncture, providing support and guidance as they navigate the complexities of legal transitions. It pays homage to every individual who has encountered conflict in their lives, be it through divorce or disputes concerning their children.

This artwork is a testament to the resilience of those who face family conflicts. It acknowledges the emotional suspension that comes with divorce or custody battles, serving as a reminder that while these experiences are challenging, they are also transformative. The piece reverberates with the ethos of Bross Bennett—our understanding that while conflict is inevitable, growth and healing are possible.

“Liminal Spaces 13” is not just an artwork; it’s a tribute to the firm’s commitment to our clients. It reflects our approach to family law: compassionate, comprehensive, and centered on finding the best path forward. The piece echoes our belief that while no one emerges as a winner in family disputes, with time and support, the journey through these liminal spaces can lead to a new beginning.

As “Liminal Spaces 13” graces our walls, it stands as a symbol of the firm’s dedication to being more than just solicitors—we are allies, advocates, and advisers. It reinforces our promise to stand by our clients as they step into the new chapters of their lives. We are honoured to have this artwork not only in our conference room but also across our website, reflecting our core values and our unwavering support for our clients during one of life’s most challenging times.

Discover more from the artist

The evocative power of “Liminal Spaces 13” extends an invitation to explore the depths of human experience through art. For those captivated by the piece and interested in discovering more about the artist’s work or commissioning a personal piece, you can visit her website or find her on Instagram @shvetamaini_art.