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Adrian Clarke

Family Mediator, Psychotherapist and Solicitor

Adrian Clarke is an accredited family mediator, UKCP registered psychotherapist and solicitor. He runs our family mediation, counselling, psychotherapy and parenting apart services. He is an accredited member of the Law Society family mediation panel and he belongs to the Family Mediators Association. He qualified as a solicitor in 1991 and was previously a partner at Bindmans LLP.

Adrian mediates all issues which arise on separation and divorce. He has particular experience in difficult parenting disputes and high value financial cases.  He is unusual in having both legal and psychotherapy qualifications and, as a result, he is often instructed where there are both parenting and financial issues to be resolved.

He offers counselling and psychotherapy to both individuals and couples whether or not they are clients of Bross Bennett.

Adrian delivers the Separated Parents Information Programme on behalf of CAFCASS. He also runs a parenting apart programme here at Bross Bennett.

Adrian sees clients both at Bross Bennett and at the Child and Family Practice at 60 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QU.


Clients say 

‘Adrian was excellent in managing the emotional tone of our mediation. He was exactingly fair and abided by the rules of mediation impeccably. This grew my trust and I believe my husband’s trust in mediation’.

‘Adrian was superb throughout and mediated well, making correct judgments as to when to separate us and in encouraging us to consider each other’s views’.

‘Adrian was very fair. He had a way of helping us to communicate which meant that I could say what I wanted to say as well as hearing what I was being told. To my surprise, we agreed all of the issues between us. We are now communicating much better and that is the most important thing for our children’.