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We are aware that the payment of legal fees can be a worry and we will always be open and frank with you about costs.

Our costs are calculated on the basis of the time we spend working on your matter in accordance with the particular fee earner’s hourly rates. We do not charge an uplift, and there are no hidden extras.

We can help put you in touch with organisations able to offer litigation funding.

We also offer a “pay as you go service” for those who only want very limited involvement from us and in certain circumstances can offer fixed fees.

If you would like more information on fees or funding please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pay as you Go - unbundled services

We understand that some clients want to have a solicitor on side but need to keep their costs to an absolute minimum.

We have a developed a service option in which we can help you to act for yourself. You retain control over your case, deal with all correspondence and representation and come to see us when you feel you need our input and guidance.

Our only time is spent with you at meetings, and we will charge you at the conclusion of the meeting.

You can come back as often or as little as you like, and you will only be charged for the time we actually spend with you. You will see the same solicitor on each occasion, and at any point you can switch to the fully supported traditional service.

Please ring us if you are interested in finding out more about this service. We can offer a fixed fee for the first, no obligation, meeting at which we will discuss your case and we will let you know if we think this service is right for you.